Abstract: Terrorism Phenomenon increasingly on Indonesia. The rise of terrorism is a threat to social harmony. if anyone affected will participate and join the radical understanding therefore needed a law as a legal standart that can catch the perpetrator from upstream to downstream, the application of Law number 15 of 2003 on the eradication of terrorism is still at the stage of enforcement its means the law number 15 of 2003 on combating terrorism has been ineffective. its ineffectiveness can be viewed from handling cases that tend downstream, the law can only ensnare the perpetrators after the occurrence of the action when the need is a law  that handles cases from upstream to downstream because of the absence of the law only allowed security forces to catch a terrorist after terrorist acts occur. if it is on leave Indonesian nation state will continue to exist in the grip of global terrorism and radicalism

Keywords : Revision, Law, Terrorism

Full Text (A Zulkarnain Ali)


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